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My girlfriend and I attended a lecture given by a world renown metaphysical lecturer and medical intuitive.  I had purchased her books and listened to her lectures on becoming a healer.  When my girlfriend and I heard she was coming to Miami, Fl, we were so excited to see her and hear her speak.  The conference moderator told us that Caroline did not always speak in linear fashion where there is a beginning, middle and end.  She spoke on what moved her.  As Caroline entered the conference room, she was surrounded by 5-6 people almost like bodyguards protecting her.  We were surprised, but maybe energetically, she could not handle people approaching her.

She began her talk speaking about betrayal.  Being betrayed was the Universe’s (God) way of helping you move forward.  Caroline stated that the first people that betray you are your parents, so you move out because you don’t want someone telling you when to go to sleep, eat, do your work. Etc.…  As Caroline continued to speak about the benefit of being betrayed to help you move forward on your own karmic journey, I realized my divorce was exactly the “kick in my ass” to move away from being the overly committed wife and to begin my own journey to begin my healing practice.  I did not want my divorce, but I was slowly suffocating in my marriage.  My ex-husband did not believe in energy work, metaphysical beliefs, and did not want me not to be available to help him at his work.

Caroline shared that as our “higher self” chooses what karmic lesson to learn during our lifetime on this earthly plane, we also have “free will” as humans.  We may have a general road map on what we have to achieve in this lifetime, but we also have a choice when to deviate, procrastinate, or not take the choices that may get us to the end result.  So, what happens if we make too many wrong choices or we are not gutsy enough to take the risks or choices we have to make?

Caroline told us a story about how you and your guardian angel are driving in a car on the road map of your life.  Imagine your guardian angel has a clipboard with check marks on what you have achieved on your karmic journey.  Your guardian angel turns to you, and says, “Joyce, according to my records, you are behind schedule on your karmic journey!  We (your Angels) will help you move along and we have sent people who will betray you to help you move further along.  These betrayers have volunteered to be the “bad guys” and we call them the “Noble People”, who have agreed to help you!”  Now, I know that when a person is fired, a breakup of a relationship, or even losing your home, may be a karmic “kick in the ass”! Now, I know if this happens to me, it is a time to step back, review and decide what is holding me back.  I believe the Universe has a Divine plan, and we don’t always know what that is, but this is the joy of living and feeling alive!

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