Situation permitting we can work one-on-one in person or via Skype. We can explore the best holistic approach to fit your needs.

I am a RN, LMT, MBA, a Diplomat of Integrated Healing, and a Touch For Health Consultant/Instructor, helping people for over 30 years.

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I combine various massage modalities with energy kinesiology balancing techniques, and I get longer lasting results.

In my journey to learn various ways to help myself and my clients, I learned a holistic health system called “Touch for Health” (TFH) and took advance coursework to become a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner (PKP). ” I have been trained in “Integrated Healing”, from England which balances energy blockages in the “Holograph” of the body.

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What does it mean to have the “right” to have your own rights? By definition, “rights” can be legal, social, or ethical principles of freedom or entitlement that are allowed…

Marlin, the Chihuahua

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Marlin was abandoned and found wandering around Marlin Park in Miami.  He was named, “Marlin” because that was the name of the street he was found on.  Lucky for Marlin,…
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Lymphatic Drainage Post Tummy Tuck

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I received a telephone call from a woman asking if manual lymphatic massage would help theswelling that occurred after a “tummy tuck”. She was 10 days postoperative, had two drains…

Muscle Testing

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“Muscle testing” or also called “Muscle Monitoring” is a holistic binary system evaluation tool and bio feedback system of either checking for a “Yes” or a “No” response. This is…
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The Purpose of Betrayal

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My girlfriend and I attended a lecture given by a world renown metaphysical lecturer and medical intuitive.  I had purchased her books and listened to her lectures on becoming a…
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How To Find Out If You Are Choosing The Right Man By Asking Your Body?

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How many times do you find you are choosing the same type of man over and over again and it doesn’t work out?  Do you hear negative “alarm bells” and…

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Energy Kinesiology, Balancing, and other holistic modalities.

Integrated Healing $100/hr
Touch For Health $90/hr

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Muscle pain management, Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

Massage  $90-$100/50 minutes
Vodder $90/50 minutes

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Personal or online classes to learn techniques from Joyce.

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Hear what clients say about Joyce

“I am so thankful to have found Joyce. She helps people achieve seemingly unattainable goals in a short period of time. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to greatly improve the quality their lives.”

Josie N

“I had an amazing experience with Joyce regarding energetic goal setting. What was amazing is my body intelligence through kinesiology is a guide to my achieving goals. Joyce is extremely knowledgeable qualified and Effective. Since seeing her I have more energy clarity and confidence.”


“Amazing teacher and practitioner ! I truly recommend seeing her For any physical, emotional or spiritual healing. Her sessions are direct and effective.”



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