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“I have the right to receive” is a goal statement that causes a lot of people to be stressed. The definition of “right” from Oxford Languages states a “right” is a moral entitlement and a prerogative that is acceptable.

Why is it so uncomfortable to take or even expect good things to come to us?  I was raised to give to others who might need things who need it more.  I was taught to be humble, not self centered, and selfish.  My family and cultural behaviors were ingrained in to me at an early age.  In my current belief systems, past lives and karmic experiences also affect our current behaviors in this lifetime.  We sometimes behave and generationally repeat patterns and don’t know why we do it. Energetically, we are programmed to think and behave this way.

I have energetically balanced clients to have the right to receive: love and happiness, financial success and opportunities, to attract, receive and keep money, receive respect and acknowledgements from others, to speak their truth, to be loved by loving, trustworthy loyal people, and the right to have optimum health.  The energy field or matrix of our belief system sets the intention, law of attraction, and the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual responses/behaviors of our lives.  Energetic blocked conflicted thinking, blocked chakras, meridians, and emotions all contribute to “stinking thinking”

How many of us have chosen the same habitual pattern of behaviors and keep repeating choices that don’t work?  Feeling low energy and frustrated that you are not getting anywhere, consider that your energetic fields are unbalanced and blocked.  Stressful emotions, doubts, low self worth, and self confidence can short circuit your energy systems.

A sense of peace and harmony is felt when all your chakras, meridians, and conflicted thinking are balanced and free flowing. There is a “karmic” flow of giving and receiving!  One of my friends once told me, if you can’t receive from others, you are accruing karmic debt owed to you, by the person who tried to give you something. The giver receives happiness by giving to you!  It is okay to have the right to receive, and live your life fully!

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