What to expect in an “Integrated Healing” (IH) balance? 

Integrated Healing is the energy balancing system created by Mathilda Van Dyk and her husband Nic Oliver.  Mathilda is a former psychotherapist, who is now based in England, and has taken many various classes in different healing modalities.   IH is an energy kinesiology and chakra based system that includes Traditional Chinese medicine, chakra, and neurolinguistics programming techniques.

What is Integrated Healing (IH)?  

IH is not used to diagnosis medical illnesses or be used instead of seeking medical care or psychotherapy.  It is an adjunct modality.   Have you ever felt unsettled, feeling stuck, and have low energy and don’t know what is causing it?  Your issue may be related to blocked energy flows in your body.  The body is an energy battery that short circuits in the Chinese meridians, chakras and auras when affected by high emotional and physical stressors.  The auric field carries memories and experiences.  We work in the holograph, which is the body’s energy matrix or grid where time is not linear.  We are balancing in the past, present, and future and recording it to “akashic records” or as I say, the” icloud of your database of memories”.  The goal is to “unblock” the energy blockages in the body’s energy system, e.g. chakras, Chinese acupuncture points, auric field blockages, etc.…  When all energy systems are open and flowing, a feeling of peace and well-being occurs.  I use your arm muscle (brachialradialis forearm muscle) to monitor as a “biofeedback” tool.  I act as your neutral, objective muscle tester and follow what your body or subconscious wants me to work on.  When a blocked area in your energy field is identified, I assist in energizing the block until it opens.  Since the balance is in the holograph, each point that is cleared will ripple through, affect and change the entire energetic matrix of the body.

Energetic Goal Setting: Your body has its own “innate wisdom” to know how to heal yourself.  Through muscle testing or monitoring, I help you to set individualized and specific “muscle tested words” into your goal. The goal has to be stressful or something that you do not believe is true.  We balance what the best goal is for today (priority issue).  When a specific goal is chosen to be balanced to, the energy balance is targeted to those words and thoughts.  If you balance with no goal, you are balancing the body in that moment of time, free of intention.  As the goal changes, the energetic blocks will change with it.  When the blockages are removed, you feel calmer and the goal statement no longer causes you stress.  As each goal is balanced, it is like “peeling” the outer layer of onion or the underlying issue.

What happens during an IH balance?     (1 ½- 2 hours)

When you first arrive, I will teach you how to be muscle tested.  We will discuss what goal you want to work on and develop the goal together.  Wear comfortable clothing. You get to lie down during the session and since the balance is in the holograph, you can choose to not speak, but think of the problem or issues.  Your privacy is protected.  IH has a built in safety mechanism, where the energy balance cannot be completed until the body says it is ready to close the balance. .  You will be stating specific statements which help you choose, accept and integrate the goal statement. *Please do not drink alcohol the day of the balancing session.

I will be working mostly over your body, but will tell you in advance if I have to touch your body.  The use of crystals, essential oils or tuning forks may be used to enhance the energy balance.  IH works in the energetic field of each of the major chakras.  Listed below is a brief summary of the Chakra system.

Integrated Healing Protocol is based on the 7 Chakra System.

In the first chakra is asked what is the stress on the issue.

The second chakra is stating what the goal that needs to be balanced and what the expected outcomes you want.

The third chakra, eye rotations in a circular pattern is done.

The fourth chakra is where the actual energy balancing occurs with various modalities and energy points opened/energized.

The fifth chakra is choosing to to accept the goals that have been balanced.

The sixth chakra is any other advanced energy balancing protocols that need to be added, e.g. crystals, essential oils, sound balancing, etc…

The seventh chakra is integrating, recording and accepting the entire balance.

***SKYPE sessions are available!

Cancellation Policy

Please call to cancel 24 hours prior to the session or the deposit will be forfeited.

Your Chakra System:  The word, “chakra” in Sanskrit means “Wheels of Light” that flow from the top, bottom and horizontally along the midline of your body.


First Chakra (root) is located between your legs/pubic area and the focus of this chakra is your physical energy (vitality), survival needs, the will to live, feeling safe, and money.  It also keeps us connected to the grounding Earth.  (Lg. intestine, pelvis, ovaries, testes) The color is RED.


Second Chakra (sacral) is located 2 inches below your navel.  This chakra focuses on your sexuality, your creativity, your emotions, your desires, fertility and feeling part of a family/community.  (Uterus, skin, kidneys, bladder, small intestine and spleen.)  The color is ORANGE.


Third Chakra (solar plexus) focuses on self- esteem, personal will power, ego, self- control, and your fight/flight and courage.  (Stomach, adrenals liver, gall bladder, pancreas)  The color is YELLOW.


Fourth Chakra (Heart) focuses on love, both romantic and brotherly love.  It is about compassion and relationships with others.  (Heart, thymus, lungs)  The color is GREEN/PINK.


Fifth Chakra (throat) focuses on the transition from personal will to higher will, faith, self-expression and communication, and speaking your truth and dreams.  (Thyroid, lungs, throat)  The color is BLUE.


Sixth Chakra (third eye/mid forehead) focuses on the ability to see your reality and to listen to your intuition/your gut.  This chakra helps you be attuned to see your truth and awareness.  (Pineal gland, eyes, ears)  The color is indigo (BLUE PURPLE).


Seventh Chakra (crown of your head) focuses on transition from ego to your soul, linking us to the highest sources of guidance and universal source/GOD.  (Pituitary gland/brain)  The color is VIOLET.  The WHITE light comes from above to the point above your head.


The first three chakras relate to your physical body.  The heart chakra is a combination of upper and lower chakras, and the upper three chakras meld together to form your higher subtle energetic self.  Chakras do feed in to each other and a blockage below can affect the above chakra.  I usually start from the root and go upwards to the crown chakra when I work.