What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) massage?

This is a light rhythmic relaxing, repetitive massage that decreases swelling and relieves pain due to injuries or post surgery. I have been trained in the “Vodder” method of manual lymphatic drainage massage from Austria. The purpose of this therapy is to move the swelling towards the lymph nodes in the body to drain back in to the body, which in turn is excreted through the urinary system. This light, gentle massage is done in a defined direction to increase lymphatic drainage and to decrease the viscosity of the lymph, and to increase the rate of circulation.

What is lymph?

The lymphatic system of the body is an alternative circulatory system, separate from the blood stream, that carries nutrients to the cells, removes toxins, and transports white blood cells, antibodies, large proteins, fat and hormones. The lymphatic system is mobilized by muscle movement. It’s purpose is help in healing. The lymph fluid is filtered by lymph nodes found all over the body. Your face drains to the neck, your arms to your armpits, and your legs drain to your groin. Areas of swelling are greatly affected by gravity, e.g. swollen ankles and feet. The lymph is the same fluid as the blood, without all the cells.

How can this help me prepare for my surgery?

I recommend that you have one to two sessions of manual lymphatic drainage massage 1-2 days before surgery, so you can “prime” the lymphatic system to drain faster and more efficiently. This will help decrease swelling post operatively, causing less tightness, less itching, and decreases pain and helps with healing. I specialize in preparing pre and post operatively for cosmetic surgeries such as post liposuction, post facelift, post breast augmentation and breast lifts, post tummy tucks, post eyelifts, etc.. and I also work with client’s who are having post mastectomy, post knee or hip replacement surgeries.  I am conveniently located in West Palm Beach, FL, near the Tanger Outlet Mall.

***I currently am not doing post-operative brazilian buttock fat injections massages.

When should I begin MLD post operatively?

MLD can begin as soon as one day after surgery, however your physician should give his or her approval. Usually, MLD can begin after drains are removed or when stitches are removed. Each physician has their own preferences. MLD can begin sooner if a patient’s condition warrants earlier treatment. Smokers usually should start earlier especially for facial surgeries.

How does MLD help me post operatively?

I usually recommend at least three to six sessions post operatively.  For post liposuction massage, it may need a few more sessions based on areas of hardness and swelling.  I like to perform twice within a 7 day period, in order to speed up the lymphatic drainage rate, then I see the client one week after the previous treatment. MLD decreases swelling, tightness, pain, and accelerates healing time. MLD also assists in resolving any bruising and helps flatten scars.

What are your fees for MLD?

A single session is $110.00/per 50 minute session. I offer 10% package discounts for 3 sessions.  I am conveniently located in West Palm Beach, FL for all your lymphatic needs.

Can I have MLD massage for other reasons?

You can have MLD to detox your body. You can also have this massage for any swelling injuries, e.g. twisted ankles
I also do MLD for the face prior to a big event, e.g.weddings or galas, it provides a healthy glow to your skin.

Cancellation Policy

Please call to cancel 24 hours prior to the session or the deposit will be forfeited.

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