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“Muscle testing” or also called “Muscle Monitoring” is a holistic binary system evaluation tool and bio feedback system of either checking for a “Yes” or a “No” response. This is used for accessing your body’s inner wisdom to identify ways to balance your energy systems related to your body, mind and energetic stressors that affect your body’s energetic blueprint.  You are asking your body’s innate intelligence for input to determine where energy blockages are located and how to help balance it for your health and wellness.   The tool of muscle testing is a feedback mechanism of your nervous system and your skeletal muscles.  If there is a deficit or stressor such as physical stress, emotional stress, chemical stress, environmental stress or energy blockages, the muscle being tested will weaken.  Muscle testing is based on the Chinese Meridian system and is the basic tool of all “Kinesiology” modalities, which was originally created by Dr. George Goodheart, DC, in the 1960’s.  His system created for the chiropractic physicians is called “Applied Kinesiology”.  Dr. John Thie, who was Dr. Goodheart’s student created “Touch for Health” (TFH) in 1973 to empower people to take care of their families.  Touch for Health is regulated by the International College of Kinesiology (IKC) based in Australia that regulates 60 different countries.  I am a certified TFH instructor and am a TFH consultant.

*This technique is not to be used for medical diagnosis or the use of medications.

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