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How many times do you find you are choosing the same type of man over and over again and it doesn’t work out?  Do you hear negative “alarm bells” and try to suppress it by saying, but he is a nice guy and he has a good job.  Are you choosing the same type of man because you are comfortable with a certain type?  Is he like your father or is he the dashing, exciting, romantic leading man that swept you off your feet in your romantic novel?  Are you used to staying in a relationship because it feels SAFE and Are your OWN needs being met?

Do you know that your mind and your subconscious may have different answers?  Your mind may try to override your own intuition and “gut” feelings of unease.  Your subconscious maybe saying, “something about this person I am with, doesn’t feel right?”  

I had a client make a list of the top ten characteristics she wanted in a mate.  I asked her to rank the ten choices in order of importance, where #1 was the most important and #10 the least.

Her list was:

  1. Be in Love
  2. Be good looking/have chemistry
  3. Be Romantic and Loving
  4. Intelligent
  5. Financially successful
  6. Fun and Love to travel
  7. Good Sense of humor
  8. Good listener
  9. Dependable and feel safe
  10. Be Committed/ Want Marriage

Muscle Testing Priority:

  1. Dependable and feel safe
  2. Financially successful
  3. Be Committed/ Want Marriage
  4. Intelligent
  5. Good Listener
  6. Fun and Love to Travel
  7. Be in Love
  8. Good Sense of Humor
  9. Be good looking/have chemistry
  10. 10) Be Romantic and Loving

My client was single and had never been married.  She was 35 and wanted to be married and have children.  She had her own company, was successful and a very career oriented person, however she had an unstable childhood.  Through muscle testing, we found out having a “dependable, secure mate” was more important than being in love, which went from #1 to #7.  By having a more true list of priorities would help her look more clearly for the better match for her needs.

I am not a mental health counselor or psychologist, and do not seek to be a therapist, but I work in the field of” Energy Kinesiology” where I balance people’s energy fields to reduce stress.  I use a holistic approach for asking the body’s innate intelligence by “Muscle Testing” the arm.  I act as a neutral facilitator and with light pressure pushing above your wrist, a strong locked arm muscle represents a “YES” and a stress inducing thought, when testing the arm muscle will weaken and drop the arm, representing a “No” response.  Energy blockages in your energy fields will also cause unclear thinking processes, there by your making incorrect choices.  

You can also muscle test to see if you are actually ready to have a healthy relationship.

See how your body answers when you ask the following questions:

I deserve and allow myself to have a healthy loving relationship.

I can trust men.

I am willing to be vulnerable in a loving relationship.

I am willing and can share equally in a relationship.

I want to love again.

If any of the above statements drops the arm muscle when tested, than you have a stress that needs to be balanced before a healthy relationship can be successful.

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