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Photo of muscle testing the author for ingesting chocolate.

Have you ever felt stressed out and you can not relax, and don’t know why?  Having problems sleeping, having recurrent pain, or can not think clearly?  Have you felt not whole or repetitively doing the same sabotage behaviors?  Are you eating the correct foods or supplements?

Bruce Lipton, PhD in his book, “The Biology of Belief” states that the power of the subconscious mind is an emotionless database of stored programs, whose function is strictly concerned with reading environmental signals and engaging in hardwired behavioral programs, no questions asked, no judgments made.  The subconscious mind is similar to a programmable “hard drive” into which our life experiences are downloaded.  When a stimulus is perceived, it will automatically engage the behavioral response that was learned when the signal was first experienced.  In other words, your past life experiences from your parents, teachers, and friends, when triggered will create the same emotional response you had as a child or younger adult, when that life experience happened (e.g. knee jerk reaction).

The subconscious acts like in “autopilot” and the conscious mind is the “self”, the voice of your own thoughts and willpower.  The “conscious mind” has free will and can over ride your pre-programmed responses.  Yet the subconscious mind, which processes some 20 million environmental stimuli per second vs. 40 environmental stimuli interpreted by the conscious mind in the same second can override quickly in to reacting with previously learned behaviors without the conscious mind being aware of it.  So how can we access what the subconscious mind is saying?

Energy kinesiology is a holistic modality of using “muscle testing” as accessing the body’s biocomputer for database files of negative experiences and programming held in it’s subconscious.  Muscle testing food or supplements tests to see which foods take more energy to digest it and if it does, the tested muscle becomes unlocked.  The testor is to remain neutral and using a muscle whether an arm muscle or leg muscle as a lever to communicate with the testor what the body’s response is.  The muscle response is either “locked” or strong or “unlocked or a weakened muscle.  Indicator muscle changes are when the muscle unlocks when the rest of the muscles remain locked as an area of stress.  According to George Goodheart, DC, the founder of kinesiology, which is based on the 14 Chinese Meridian System states the “chi” flow that runs through the muscle is blocked if a muscle, when tested does not lock.  Chi flow can be interrupted by high levels of emotion, physical stress, environmental and nutrition stressors can all contribute to disrupted “chi” flow.  By having a dialogue with the body, we can seek direction of using the body’s subconscious to guide us where the energy blockages are located in the body, above the body in it’s auric fields, chakras, and in  the meridians system.  Energy kinesiology is not to diagnose or to replace any medical care, but to contribute information about the subtle energy fields that support the body’s energetic life force.

Kinesiology balances are identifying and opening the blocked portals of energy flows of the body.  When all of your meridians. chakras, and auric fields are open and flowing (homeostasis), the person feels a sense of calmness, has more energy and feels stronger.

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