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Have you ever not known what is wrong with you and why you are in a funk?  Not know what to do about it?  Feeling stuck, feeling down, and a lack of energy to move forward in your life?  Energy Kinesiology may be a new solution to balance your energy and stress!

“Touch for Health” is a holistic energy balancing system, based on the Chinese Meridian system created by John Thie, DC in 1970  to help Moms to balance and help their family’s health.  Dr. Thie wanted to empower people from all walks of life to promote health and decrease stress in a step by step process of doing 14 muscle tests (one muscle test per Chinese Meridian) which determine the “flow of chi” of that meridian.  If the muscle locked or stayed strong, then the chi was flowing to that muscle that is being tested.  The ultimate goal is to have chi flowing through all 14 Chinese Meridians which gives a person a sense of well-being and activated muscles.

Dr. Thie was a student of George Goodheart, DC who mapped which muscle was controlled by which Chinese Meridian (lines of energy attached to a specific organ).  He also was able to incorporate reflex correction points of Dr. Bennett (neurovascular points on the head) and Dr. Chapman (neurolymphatic points on the front and back of the body) to turn “CHI” flow back on.  Dr. Goodheart created his system of “Applied Kinesiology” in 1964, but wanted to keep these skills for professional health care practitioners.  Dr. Goodheart is credited with being called the “Father of Kinesiology”.  Dr. Goodheart introduced the concept of “muscle testing” or “muscle monitoring” where the testor uses a muscle such as the anterior deltoid muscle to act as a “biofeedback indicator”.    It has been documented that emotional stress, physical stress and even the food you eat can affect your energetic field and unlock or weaken otherwise strong muscles.  I see “muscle testing” as having a dialogue with your subconscious or the body’s computer system.  Ask your body how to help heal itself!

It was also found with Dr. Thie, when he asked his clients how they wanted to feel after a 14 muscle energy balance, he was actually having the client set a goal or expected outcome.  When an emotion and goal is assigned to an energy balance, the goal was set in to the body and the effects were more lasting.  The 14 muscle balances are used to reduce emotional stress, strengthen muscles, and generally balance the energies of the body and restore harmony.  Kinesiology balancing is a holistic approach to handle everyday issues, whether physically, emotionally, or energetically based.

Touch for Health is a series of four classes that are each two day class (15-16 hours in length).  The Touch for Health website  offers class listings and has an annual conference and is part of the International Kinesiology College (IKC).

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Available for in person consultation in South Florida or via video chat