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This past Sunday, I, my husband and our two cats allowed ourselves to “chill out” together and watched movies all day.  No emails, no telephones, no doing any work and NO GUILT about taking time to just relax.  My cats loved sleeping on top of me and having quality family time.  I watched mindless romantic comedies, kung fu movies, and ended the night watching “Game of Thrones”!  What a great day!  I had the opportunity to escape in to another world and get to see what other peoples’ lives were like. I even slept deeply because I just let go of all the outer world responsibilities.  Giving yourself permission to “just be”, is an act of honoring yourself and being in “the present” moment.  Letting go of the “I should haves” and worrying about the future is a skill, one has to develop in this fast pace society.  What you don’t realize that this recharging time is very essential to your mind, body, and spirit.  You need to replenish the energy in your body, in order to deal with the stress in your lives.

One needs relaxation therapy.  What is your way to replenish your energy?  What makes you happy?  To relax, I love to sit in a steaming tub bath, read a book, and sometimes just let my mind wander.  I find I get great ideas in my bathtub.  Someone once told me that I need to be near or in water to get in touch with my true self.

If you do not know how to relax, just watch your dog or cat.  Sleeping 10-15 hours is a must for cats and dogs.  Watch them sleep, stretch, and just be in the moment!  Playing is their work!  We humans can definitely learn from them…all they want is good food and a hug!

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