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As a massage therapist that specializes in “Energy Kinesiology”, I knew I had a tendency to be empathic and pick up on my client’s pain and bad moods.  As I have become more intuitive, I find, I pick up energies that are not mine.  I can stand in a crowded train, and feel cranky, tired, and negative when I didn’t feel like that before.  When I took the course work, “Integrated Healing” by Mathilda van Dyk, I learned the concept of “invasive energies”.  This is where, you pick up some one else’s negative energy.  This energy drains your own energy and you become tired, depressed or just not feel well.  Have you ever spoke to someone who was really negative and they left feeling better for unloading their feelings and you feel worse?

Energy kinesiology uses “muscle testing” as a biofeedback tool where the testor tests a muscle, like an extended arm to communicate with the subconscious of another person’s body.  It is like asking your body, “What is wrong?”,

When I got home from the metaphysical store, I had my husband test my arm if I had an “invasive” energy in my body’s energy field.  I tested positive that I had an “invasive energy” on me.  I decided to put the blue obsidian in my pocket and went on with my shopping for the day.  In a few hours, I had my husband retest for “invasive energies” in my energy field, and I no longer tested positive for it.  I finally found a way of repelling some of the negative energies.  I now always carry one in my pocket when I go out of the house and I clean the stone in sea salt overnight weekly.

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