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Holistic Approach to Prepare for Your Upcoming Surgery

  • Posted on September 17, 2015 at 6:58 am

One of my clients asked me, when my husband had heart surgery, how I was going to prepare him holistically for surgery.  I told them, I planned to balance and support his energy and give him lymphatic massages.  Recently, I have been preparing some of my clients for mastectomy surgeries.  I have found that using my energy balancing protocols, I have been able to decrease their emotional stress related to losing their breasts.  As part of the energy balancing, I am increasing their energy levels to withstand the toll of the surgery and the recovery period.  As a Registered Nurse, I also had previously worked for a plastic surgeon who specialized in breast reconstruction.  I was also able to share some of the healing experiences from former patients.  I gave the women pre- operative manual lymphatic massages to open the drainage ports of their lymphatics.  This helps in decreasing the swelling post operatively, and helps with detoxing the anesthesia medications from the body.I will see these women post operatively to continue decreasing the swelling and increasing the lymphatic flow to heal the wound.  Lymphatic massage (used in wound care in hospitals) moves the food to the cells and brings antibodies to wound to fight any infection.  After the surgery, I will do another energy balance to have the body integrate the new breast implants to be a part of their body’s energy field, and not seen as a foreign body.  I love that “Energy Kinesiology” gives me the skills to assist and support these women in making their surgical experience a less stressful event.


Food Choices and Buying Supplements: How do I know what to buy that benefits me the most?

  • Posted on May 5, 2015 at 1:32 pm


  • Posted on April 7, 2014 at 10:02 am

Have you ever wondered why you feel anxious or stressed out when you have to make a decision?  Do some of your friends, family, or co-workers think you are a “wuss”?  Are you always balancing “in the middle”, afraid of the consequences of your decision making or feel you always have to be “right” or to “be perfect”?

Some decision makers have to gather or need more information about the question on hand.  Some decision makers have to ask a lot of other people’s opinions, before they make a qualified decision.  Some decision makers make decisions spontaneously, intuitively and do by “feeling their gut instinct”.  Which type of decision maker are you?

Have you ever met someone who no matter how much information or help you give, cannot feel secure committing to a viewpoint.  This type of person appears to be “spinning” and getting nowhere fast.  As you pressure this person, he/she gets anxious, nervous and eventually will cry or get angry at you for trying to pin them down.

As an “Energy Kinesiology practitioner” (This system is based on the Chinese Meridian system from Traditional Chinese Medicine), we say this person may have an “incongruent belief” or “conflicted” belief system.  In kinesiology, we use “muscle testing” e.g.  Testing of both arms as a biofeedback indicator of the body’s biocomputer or as I like to say, the body’s wisdom.

Let’s use the goal statement, “I can make a good decision”.  When there is anxiety or stress while saying this statement, when pressure is applied to both arms to push down, they both go weak.  If the arm muscles stay strong, there is no stress on saying that statement.

So what happens, if you say, “I can make a good decision” and your arms go down, and then you say, “I cannot make a good decision”, and your arms go down?  This is called a “negative conflict” statement.  Your subconscious cannot tell the difference.  Whether you state your goal in the positive or negative tense, it always will be negative to you.  When a person has this conflicted behavior pattern, they get caught in a loop that one cannot get out of and they “spin”.  Imagine that your thought is like a pin ball that keeps bouncing all over the place, and cannot find the way out.  In one of the “Integrated Healing” kinesiology protocols that I use, I can help unblock the client’s chakras, and they will be able to get out of that circular loop.

Imagine that clearing a few blocked energy points in your energy field can help you “discern about making a good decision”!  After I have helped unblocked the energy points, I repeat the muscle test and find that when the client says, “I can make a good decision”, both of the tested arms remain strong.  When I have the client says, “I cannot make a good decision”, both of the tested arms go weak.  Now this client can discern the difference between the two statements, thus eliminating the “spinning”.  My clients feel a decrease of anxiety when they now say the original goal.  Energy balancing is so rewarding when you see your client’s face relax and leave happy!

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