I am a product of the east coast (NY), the midwest (WI) and now am a Floridian!  I have degrees in nursing, business, and am currently working as a massage therapist, energy kinesiologist, and a facialist.  I also am the only “Touch for Health” (kinesiology) and Integrated Healing Foundation instructor in Palm Beach County.  My business is called “The Healing Path” and have been in practice for 10 years.    I also specialize in a massage modality called Vodder manual lymphatic drainage for swelling, and specialize in treating cosmetic surgeries, hip and knee replacements.

I am a blend of western and complementary medicine, raised in a Chinese household.  I am open to  multiple healing modalities, and am practical enough to use whatever works best.  I believe that the universe and the body are living forms of energy.  The mind, body, and soul are all intertwined and we have to address all three to have  balance.  I feel our journey throughout our lives are to live joyously, healthy,  and have all the happiness and success we desire.

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  1. Hi Joyce. Thank you for the great massage and process that we did on my visit.

    I am sending you a request to subscribe to my mailing list; which includes some of the latest information in regard to self development and everything you are up to.

    Please watch for it.

    Thanks again….Allynnn1nn1

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